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Alan Hewer Slides

Lantern Slides Taken by Alan Hewer

Alan M. Hewer  – Biographical details

Alan Hewer with blotched blue-tongue lizardAlan Hewer with blotched blue-tongue lizard


Alan Hewer was a member of The Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club for many years, and he has left us s legacy of photographs of the natural environment and of Club activities.

Alan Hewer was a keen photographer, and was required to take photos as part of his job as inspector for the Land and Survey Service in Hobart (later National Parks and Wildlife Service).

He was on and off the TFNC committee between 1948-1974 – including holding the positions of President, Secretary & Treasurer. Often organised and led TFNC excursions up until about 1983, and was made Life Member in 1983.

He was an all round naturalist, although reptiles, crustaceans (e.g. Anaspides) and amphibians were his speciality. In 1962 Alan co-authored, with B.C. Mollison  “A field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Tasmania”.

From 1957-1965 approx Alan served as Honorary Auditor for the Royal Society of Tasmania.

Alan took the series of lantern slides1939-circa 1950 which were deposited in the Australian Archives Office in Dec. 2016/Jan 2017.

A more detailed biography can be found in a paper by Annabel Carle in the 2018 edition of The Tasmanian Naturalist here

 The Slides

1947 and 1948 below

Slides from 1947 show the Easter Camp to Adventure Bay on Bruny Island and day walks. Christmas Field Excursion to Mt Field depicts the Government Huts at Mt Mawson (still in use), and walks around Lake Dobson, to Mt Field West and the Rodway Range-Tarn Shelf Circuit.

Slides from 1948 show the preparations for the Easter Camp on Forestier Peninsula; packing the truck, camp entertainment, results of a destructive storm, a visit to the Tasman Monument and camp activities.

 Alan Hewer slides 1Alan Hewer slides 2  l  Alan Hewer slides 3  l  Alan Hewer slides 4  l  Alan Hewer slides 5  l

Alan Hewer slides 6  l  Alan Hewer slides 7  l  Alan Hewer slides 8 

1947 - Easter Camp and Mt Field Christmas Excursion

Easter camp at Wilmot Harbour 1948