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Excursion Information

More about the excursion on Sunday 6th September

Meet: 2pm (to catch the receding tide)

Where: Park in the Tessellated Pavement Car park opposite the Lufra Hotel, Pirates Bay Drive, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula.

 Please check our recommended carry list and excursion guidelines below.

And please remember to bring your hand sanitiser and continue to social/physical distance during the excursion!

What are we looking for? Anything of interest! It’s a good place for all sorts of marine life, Dr Simon Grove (Senior Curator of Invertebrate Zoology at TMAG.) will be on hand to help identify molluscs and any seashore insects we may find!

Suggested route:  Follow the shore from the Tessellated Pavement towards Clyde Island.  That takes in a sandy as well as a rocky shore.   The sandy shore is good for seeing shells and other life that has been washed up, while the rocks are good for seeing the species that live there at different zones on the shore.  If the tide’s not out far enough to cross to the island, so be it.  The tideline there tends to have bands of smaller shells to fossick amongst, and the boulders and pools in front of the island are good for finding the living animals.

 Cautions: At this time of year, the rocks can be VERY slippery with ephemeral algae, especially when wet, so if in doubt, please stick to the higher shore. 

 What to bring:

  • If you want to explore the pools, stout footwear or gumboots and a walking stick if appropriate,
  • some containers for taking a closer look at any live-caught specimens
  • a hand-held equivalent of a glass-bottomed boat would also be useful if anyone has such a thing or wants to make one up – something like a washing-up bowl or large yoghurt carton with the base replaced with clear plastic / plexiglass to peer through. 
  • A hand-lens is also useful for the smaller shells etc.
  • Water &/or a hot drink and afternoon tea?

Note: This a conservation area (state reserve) so things can be looked at but should be returned before we leave.

Carry list

List of items recommended to be carried by members on excursions.

Carry list

Excursion Guidelines

Excursion Guidelines

Bush Hygiene notes

Bush Hygiene notes