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Excursion codes

The tag-codes below are required for ensuring that images from TFNC excursions can be assigned to their correct excursion once uploaded to our TasNats Flickr site.  Images on this site will be searchable using these codes; the codes are also used to ensure that the right images are featured in the right slideshow(s), such as the one for our most recent excursion shown on our excursions page.  If there is no code listed below for an excursion for which you have images, please email the web-manager.



Sunday 6th February: Marion Bay (Flickr tag: 2005_Feb_MarionBay)

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th March: Federation weekend at Tacoma, Wynyard (Flickr tag: 2005_Mar_Wynyard)

? April: North West Bay River (Flickr tag: 2005_Apr_NWBayRiver)

Saturday 7th May: Lake Nicholls, Mount Field (Flickr tag: 2005_May_LakeNicholls)

Sunday 5th June: Dora Falls, Judbury (Flickr tag: 2005_Jun_DoraFalls)

Saturday 9th July: Mout Wellington historic huts (Flickr tag: 2005_Jul_MountWellington)

Sunday 7th August: Lutregala, Bruny Island (Flickr tag: 2005_Aug_Lutregala)

Saturday 3rd September: South Arm (Flickr tag: 2005_Sep_SouthArm)

Sunday 9th October: Warra, Southern Forests (Flickr tag: 2005_Oct_Warra)

Friday 4th to Sunday 6th November: Federation weekend, Tasman Peninsula (Flickr tag: 2005_Nov_TasmanPeninsula)

Saturday 3rd December: Christmas BBQ, Snug Falls (Flickr tag: 2005_Dec_SnugFalls)



Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th February: Francistown and Mystery Creek Cave (Flickr tag: 2006_Feb_Francistown)

Sunday 5th March: Denmans Cove, Tasman Peninsula (Flickr tag: 2006_Mar_DenmansCove)

Saturday 8th April: McPartland Pass (Flickr tag: 2006_Apr_McPartlandPass)

Saturday 6th May: Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre (Flickr tag: 2006_May_Woodbridge)

Saturday 3rd June: Nierinna Creek, Margate (Flickr tag: 2006_Jun_NierinnaCreek)

? July:

Saturday 5th August: Mount Canopus Observatory (Flickr tag: 2007_Aug_Canopus)

Sunday 10th September: Tasmanian Bush Garden, Buckland (Flickr tag: 2006_Sep_Buckland)

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October: Wildflower Show, Hobart (Flickr tag: 2006_Oct_WildflowerShow)

Sunday 5th November: Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens (Flickr tag: 2006_Nov_TSCC)

Saturday 9th December: Christmas BBQ, South Lea, Mount Nelson (Flickr tag: 2006_Dec_SouthLea)



Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th February: Francistown, Dover (Flickr tag: 2007_Feb_Francistown)

Saturday 3rd March: Chauncy Vale (Flickr tag: 2007_Mar_ChauncyVale)

Friday 6th to Monday 9th April: Easter Camp at Southport (Flickr tag: 2007_Apr_Southport)

Sunday 6th May: Braeside Nursery, Lachlan (Flickr tag: 2007_May_Lachlan)

Saturday 9th June: Summerleas, Fern Tree (Flickr tag: 2007_Jun_Summerleas)

Saturday 7th July: Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2007_Jul_PeterMurrell)

Sunday 5th August: Lucaston Raptor Rehabilitation Centre (Flickr tag: 2007_Aug_Lucaston)

Saturday 8th September: Milles Track, Mount Wellington (Flickr tag: 2007_Sep_MillesTrack)

Saturday 6th October: Waverley Flora Reserve, Hobart (Flickr tag: 2007_Oct_Waverley)

Saturday 3rd November: Franklin (Flickr tag: 2007_Nov_Franklin)

Saturday 8th December: Christmas BBQ, Longley (Flickr tag: 2007_Dec_Longley)



Saturday 9th February: Tessellated Pavement (Flickr tag: 2008_Feb_TessellatedPavement)

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th March: Federation weekend, Liawenee (Flickr tag: 2008_Mar_Liawenee)

Sunday 6th April: Lake Skinner, Judbury (Flickr tag: 2008_Apr_LakeSkinner)

Sunday 4th May: Eaglehawk Pelagic (Flickr tag: 2008_May_EaglehawkPelagic)

Sunday 8th June: Royal Botanic Gardens, Hobart (Flickr tag: 2008_Jun_RBG)

Saturday 5th July: Tinderbox Hills (Flickr tag: 2008_Jul_TinderboxHills)

Sunday 10th August: Tasmanian Forest Insect Collection, Forestry Tasmania (Flickr tag: 2008_Aug_TFIC)

September: Orielton Lagoon (Flickr tag: 2008_Sep_OrieltonLagoon)

Saturday 4th October: East Risdon Nature Reserve (Flickr tag: 2008_Oct_EastRisdon)

Saturday 8th November: Lenah Valley Track (Flickr tag: 2008_Nov_LenahValley)

Saturday 6th December: Christmas BBQ, Franklin (Flickr tag: 2008_Dec_Franklin)



Sunday 8th February: Bruny Island (Flickr tag: 2009_Feb_BrunyIsland)

Sunday 15th March: Dalco Creek, Strathblane (Flickr tag: 2009_Mar_DalcoCreek)

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th April: Federation weekend at Blandfordia Lodge, Cradle Valley (Flickr tag: 2009_Apr_CradleValley)

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th April: Easter Camp at Koonya (Flickr tag: 2009_Apr_Koonya)

Sunday 10th May: Mystery Creek Caves (Flickr tag: 2009_May_MysteryCreekCaves)

Saturday 6th June: Poimena Reserve, Hobart (Flickr tag: 2009_Jun_Poimena)

Sunday 5th July: Tatnells Hill, Tasman Peninsula (Flickr tag: 2009_Jul_TatnellsHill)

Saturday 8th August: Gellibrand Point, South Arm (Flickr tag: 2009_Aug_GellibrandPoint)

Sunday 6th September: Taroona Beach (Flickr tag: 2009_Sep_TaroonaBeach)

Sunday 4th October: Snug Tiers (Flickr tag: 2009_Oct_SnugTiers)

Saturday 7th November: Bambra Reef, Roches Beach (Flickr tag: 2009_Nov_BambraReef)

Sunday 6th December: Christmas BBQ, Alum Cliffs (Flickr tag: 2009_Dec_AlumCliffs)



Sunday 7th February: Buckland (Flickr tag: 2010_Feb_Buckland)

Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th March: Peter Murrell reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2010_Mar_PeterMurrell)

Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th April: Easter Camp at Cradle Mountain (Flickr tag: 2010_Apr_CradleMountain)

Saturday 8th May: Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2010_May_PeterMurrell)

? May: Federation meeting at Blue Tier (Flickr tag: 2010_May_BlueTier)

Saturday 5th June: University of Tasmania Zoology laboratory (Flickr tag: 2010_Jun_UTas)

Saturday 3rd July: Tasmanian Herbarium (Flickr tag: 2010_Jul_TasmanianHerbarium)

Sunday 8th August: Kaoota Tramway (Flickr tag: 2010_Aug_Kaoota)

? September:

Sunday 10th October: Cape Surville, Forestier Peninsula (Flickr tag: 2010_Oct_CapeSurville)

Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th October: Federation meeting on King Island (Flickr tag: 2010_Oct_KingIsland)

Saturday 6th November: Sentinels Range (Flickr tag: 2010_Nov_SentinelsRange)

Saturday 27th November: Eaglehawk Neck Pelagic trip (Flickr tag: 2010_Nov_EaglehawkPelagic)

Sunday 5th December: Christmas BBQ, Tinderbox (Flickr tag: 2010_Dec_Tinderbox)



Sunday 6th February: Mount Wellington (Flickr tag: 2011_Feb_MountWellington)

Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th March: Peter Murrell reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2011_Mar_PeterMurrell)

Sunday 10th April: Conningham Foreshore track (Flickr tag: 2011_Apr_ConninghamForeshore)

Sunday 8th May: Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2011_May_BlackmansBay)

Saturday 11th June: Howrah Beach (Flickr tag: 2011_Jun_HowrahBeach)

Sunday 10th July: Tasmanian Museum Collections, Rosny (Flickr tag: 2011_Jul_TMAG)

Saturday 6th August: Mount Direction, Derwent Valley (Flickr tag: 2011_Aug_MountDirection)

Sunday 4th September: Mortimer Bay, Sandford (Flickr tag: 2011_Sep_MortimerBay)

Sunday 8th October: Cascades Track, South Hobart (Flickr tag: 2011_Oct_CascadesTrack)

Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October: Federation meeting at Murrayfield, Bruny Island (Flickr tag: 2011_Oct_Murrayfield)

Sunday, 6th November: Scotts Peak (Flickr tag: 2011_Nov_ScottsPeak)

Sunday 4th December: Christmas BBQ, Pelverata Falls (Flickr tag: 2011_Dec_PelverataFalls)



Sunday 29th January: Central Plateau (Flickr tag: 2012_Jan_CentralPlateau)

Saturday 4th February: Marion Bay (Flickr tag: 2012_Feb_MarionBay)

Saturday 3rd March: Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flick tag: 2012_Mar_PeterMurrell)

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th April: Easter Camp at Strathgordon (Flickr tag: 2012_Apr_Strathgordon)

Saturday 5th May: Cloudy Lagoon, Bruny Island (Flickr tag: 2012_May_CloudyLagoon)

Sunday 10th June: Mount Brown, Tasman Peninsula (Flickr tag: 2012_Jun_MountBrown)

Sunday 8th July: Mount Direction, Derwent Valley (Flickr tag: 2012_Jul_MountDirection)

Sunday 5th August: Coalmines, Saltwater RIver (Flickr tag: 2012_Aug_Coalmines)

Saturday 8th September: Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2012_Sep_PeterMurrell)

Sunday 7th October: Bangor, Dunalley (Flickr tag: 2012_Oct_Bangor)

Monday 5th November: Pipeclay Lagoon, Clifton Beach (Flickr tag: 2012_Nov_Pipeclay)

Sunday 9th December: Christmas BBQ, Trial Bay, Kettering (Flickr tag: 2012_Dec_TrialBay)



Sunday 3rd February: Central Plateau (Flickr tag: 2013_Feb_CentralPlateau)

Saturday 9th February: Woodvine (Flickr tag: 2013_Feb_Woodvine)

Saturday 16th March: Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay (Flickr tag: 2013_Mar_PeterMurrell)

Saturday 6th April: Hartz Mountains (Flickr tag: 2013_Apr_HartzMountains)