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Special Resolution

Proposed Changes to the TFNC Club Rules

Special Resolution for the TFNC General Meeting of Thursday 6th July 2023

Club Rules annotated with proposed changes

The June meeting of the TFNC Committee considered necessary changes to the club rules and decided to take them for endorsement to the TFNC General Meeting of 6th July 2023.

Club Rule changes must be done through a ‘special resolution’ and at least three quarters of members at a General Meeting must agree to the changes.

The special resolution is:

That the 6th July 2023 General Meeting of the Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club Inc. endorses the proposed changes to the club rules to come into effect from the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

The committee has tried to minimize the number of changes. The changes have not attempted to address things such as current standards of punctuation, spelling and expression (the rules were initially developed in 1904) but, rather, address the important issues of the impact of electronic media and payments and how roles and responsibilities have evolved over time.

The changes in the club rules are to achieve the following:

  • Allow electronic banking.
  • Incorporate electronic media into the definition of writing, especially the use of email and websites.
  • Update the postal address.
  • Better represent how the club functions.
  • Clarify the current roles undertaken by the secretary, treasurer, and public officer.
  • Delete details which were relevant only to the original incorporation of TFNC.
  • Following the June General Meeting’s decision to disband the library, replace the Librarian position with a Communications Officer.

The proposed changes are detailed in the attached document.

Because of the number of changes, before the General Meeting, please read the document as this will save going through them one by one at the meeting, however, there will be the opportunity to discuss any concerns and issues.

In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, please email me .


Eddie Gall

President TFNC


Club Rules annotated with proposed changes